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Fortune favors the bold


January 2020 - Present

We accelerate the digital transformation of businesses so that they can sell and distribute their products and services in a more agile and dynamic way in the virtual world. We have an ecosystem for the development of Apps and web platforms where we offer a holistic transactional system that integrates with multiple E-Commerce solutions. With our technological solutions you can improve the ROI of your digital sales channels. Delliv Tech is the comprehensive E-Commerce solution in the new digital era.


March 2016- Present

HR and RPO Startup focused on the development of customized talent sharing platforms, using Inbound Recruitment Strategies and Omni-Channel Campaigns to recruit talent in a digital era.

Manage client portfolio, create new revenue streams, reach out sales goals, manage operations.


May 2020 - August 2020

Hospitality venue and platform that offers a place to connect with others. Born out of a desire to experience our planet’s most beautiful places, to build community, to engage with locals and fellow travelers to work and enjoy new adventures.

Marketer Responsible for the Country strategy to optimize promotion, distribution and revenue generation of all products available within the Selina’s country locations. Provide support and guidance to the location teams to deliver sales in location and cross selling strategies to other locations. Cross country collaboration on best practices with our country sales teams to drive demand regionally.

Unlock revenue growth driving country agreements across online and offline distribution channels to deliver local sales to the country and locations.


February 2015 - December 2017

Marketing SaaS SMMS Startup in LATAM. Head of Sales, Product and Service Development. 360 Marketing, Media, PR & Advertising Outsource.

Digital Transformation & Marketing Consultant:

  • USAID, Guatemala — Marketing & Sales Consultant:

       05 2022 - 12 2022

Develop a 60 month marketing and sales plans for 12 SMEs from different industries, among which the following sectors stand out: construction, real estate, digital marketing, aesthetics and beauty retail, footwear, personnel outsourcing.

  • TicketASA, Guatemala — Digital Transformation Consultant

       08 2022 - 05 2023

Develop the frontend of a ticketing web platform integrating it into an ERP, implement server infrastructure for high user concurrency, implement cybersecurity infrastructure for pa, develop the user purchase cycle through a payment gateway so that there is no ticket overlap when purchasing tickets.

  • MUVIT, LATAM — Marketing  Consultant

       02 2023 - 06 2023

Create an organic content strategy for an Insurtech brand for its digital channels within which are: facebook, instagram and tiktok. The objective was to create travel and leisure content that would encourage the user to want to purchase travel insurance.


  •, LATAM — Marketing & Tech Consultant

       10 2018 - 02 2019

Digital health company that seeks to facilitate access and exchange of professional health services and products through technology and the Internet through SaaS models. Coordinate the development of a system where the Guatemalan migrants invest their  remittances in acquiring medicine for his compatriots living in Guatemala. The platform had to be integrated into the inventory of the main pharmacies of 3 countries in Central America (Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras).


       08 2017 - 07 2018


Disrupting education program: accelerating the insertion of young Guatemalans with disadvantages into employment opportunities in the tech sector through a disruptive nonprofit model. 

Create a low-budget inbound marketing strategy through alliances with digital media with the aim of attracting prospects who would like to train to improve their soft and technical skills. Create the brand identity in your merchandising material, standardize the use of the brand digital content, create the identity of the different social networks of the brand. Implement prospecting management in a dynamic database to later develop a crm under the established conversion cycle. Participate in media events related to the business to promote the program and attract prospects.

Experience: Experience
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