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Planning your next summer vacation? Add Niseko to your travel bucket list, one of the best summer destinations! From jet-setters to adrenaline junkies and even foodies, this amazing place will have all the activities a traveler would ever dream of. Plan at least a 2 weeks trip, the minimum recommended time to stay while summer tripping in Japan.

Feel safe to book your transportation when arriving at Niseko’s nearest airports or train stations with Sky Express, they’ll take you to your accommodation destination the most comfortable way. Also discover Niseko surroundings with their day tours. If you’re in a rush, you can count with Sprint Taxi's excellent service and fares.

Find your ideal accommodation in the variety of hotels at Niseko, you’ll find many options adapting to your budget and travel plans. Ki Niseko is a boutique hotel that combines modern alpine charm with Japanese sophistication, ideal for your summer sojourn. Niseko Central, a premier booking platform, offers more than 200 luxury properties that suit all customers’ needs. Experience the magic of Skye Niseko, a boutique hotel with a luxury design and high-end service. Niseko Hirafu Resort, ideal for family travelers that want to have a blast while enjoying Niseko; stay at Niseko Alpen which has a variety of spacious and functional rooms or at AYA Niseko that will satisfy all your needs in a luxury condo hotel.

Let's get to the fun part where the adventure begins discovering the activities that Niseko offers in summer holidays. Everyone knows that Niseko is famous for its winter season, but when it comes to summer, the experiences that you can discover while visiting Niseko will leave you with your mouth wide open.

Start your trip by enjoying its green landscapes. Summer in Niseko is often referred as the Green Season, making its golf courses out-stand worldwide. Golfers, visit Niseko Village Golf Course (Japan's Best Golf Course, World Golf Awards 2014), The Niseko Tokyu Golf Course, and The Arnold Palmer-designed Niseko Golf Course; world-class challenging courses with stunning views of Mt. Yotei. Lacking on golf skills? Park Golf is an alternative to learn the sport in a more practical way; easier, shorter, and more relaxed. One club is required for the entire round, balls and holes are much bigger; a popular activity for families and friends during summer.

Quiet roads, country landscapes, mild summer temperatures make Niseko a perfect location for cyclists! Niseko’s clear weather let cyclists ride large distances without overheating. Well known for its cycling events, each July you can witness the ’’Niseko Classic’’. Mountain cycling is getting very popular, multiple resorts have created downhill courses. Take your bicycle in the ski lift and enjoy the thrilling downhill tracks. Practice Pump-track cycling, a new trend where cyclists 'pump' their bicycle around the pump tracks without pedalling; a fun and challenging activity. If you want to improve your cycling skills Niseko has cycling trainers for amateurs of all ages. Bring your bicycle or rent one to live an amazing cyclist vacation!

Watersports lovers, explore a variety of places and activities at Niseko! Shiribetsu River, Asia’s top destination for whitewater rafting. Live an adventure rafting trip while the melting snowpack creates thrilling river currents, experiencing stunning alpine scenery, gorgeous seasonal colours, and crystal clear water in all the journey; or try river paddle boarding, an alternative relaxing activity. Adrenaline junkies can do river rapid kayaking and sea kayaking in the Sea of Japan with cliffs and shores on the horizon. The Shirabetsu river is home to a variety of freshwater fish, including rainbow trout and cherry salmon; no fishing license is required. Locals can teach you fishing basics.

Niseko offers the opportunity to enjoy outstanding hikes with breathtaking sunsets and sightseeings. Travelers can do landscaping photography, hot-springs swimming, ziplining, and tree-trekking while discovering the surroundings of Cape Kamui, Lake Toya, Mount Yotei, and Mt Konbu. Night-owlers can appreciate Niseko nature after sunset and do some astrophotography while night trekking. Get comfy clothing, grab your running or trekking shoes, and discover the gorgeous tracks of Niseko.

Food lovers, experience Japan’s culinary pleasures at Niseko. Learn to make Soba Noodle and Jam after your ’’fruit picking adventure’’. Every town has their own food festival during summer. Niseko is an agricultural hotspot attracting foodies from all over the world, travelers come to visit local restaurants serving their specialties. Visit Kamimura, a Michellin-star chefs’ restaurant, where French-Japanese fine dining fusion meals are served. Taste the flavours of Hokkaido at Kumo Restaurant, where Yotei views are almost as good as the food. Art lovers visit Somoza, an art gallery restaurant hosting traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, an experience beyond the food. Convenience food stores are gastronomically unique, don’t miss trying konbini fried chicken.

Hurry up! Book your flights & hotels, pack your bags, and get ready to experience Niseko.

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