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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Recruitment Process Outsourcing starts from designing a job profile to listing the recruitment process and also improving orientation strategies once a resource is hired. It is not just limited to hiring a specific resource for a specific profile at any time. It is about developing a talent bank of candidates that can be made approachable for your company. RPO service providers also go that extra mile to provide the company with crucial advice and strategies on employee retention.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing has a compelling place in the market. RPO service providers are connected to the job seeker market and numerous companies. These are compelling reasons for companies to opt for Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

RPO solutions allow you to save money by not incurring in passive income, employers save up to 40% in payroll by outsourcing services. Define talent needs, through SySE RPO you align talent to the recruitment needs you have. From E2E recruitment to specific recruitment tasks needed to increase velocity and support business ROI.

Having an RPO partner promotes healthy competition in your hr organization. Collaboration within a single department is important, however, the biggest uplift in results comes from extending that collaborative approach by outsourcing workforce across different areas of your organization. Highly successful companies made include Partners and Suppliers in this collaboration in order to ensure all links in the supply chain are operating effectively. This also provides a great feedback loop as everyone contributes information to the company’s knowledge base about customers and products.

The volume fluctuations in demand for resources is handled in a much easier way. For example when the demand in your company would be huge the service provider would allot 10 recruiters for your company whereas when the demand is less he can allot 2 or 3 recruiters, this would ensure that you are not over charged. In case you hire these 10 recruiters you will have to either pay them even when the demand for resources is less or will have to resort to lay-off.

Operational benefits at short term:

  • Through Recruiting Outsourcing you have the ability to pivot your recruiting process to support controllable growth within your organization.

  • Having the ability to staff temporarily helps operations run smoother and avoid compromising SLAs.

  • Strategic staffing through RPO allows you to increase quality of hire by adapting to emerging business changes that impact time to deliver and cost.

  • SySE RPO allows you to reduce agency hire fees per direct placement solution, staffing solutions will save cost and add manpower to your team.

  • SySE RPO makes your recruitment scalable and flexible.

Answering these questions will help you choose the right RPO firm

  • What type and how many candidates/resources do I need to hire?

  • What is my budget? Make sure you can afford the costs of RPO and you have an idea of what your return on investment would be. An experienced firm can give you a good idea of how challenging your openings are, determine an accurate estimate of costs, and a good faith estimate of how many qualified candidates they can produce.

  • Does the RPO have the depth of resources and can they attract the best candidates for my openings?

  • Does the RPO understand our culture, the nuances of our working environment, and what it takes to be a successful employee?

  • Are they flexible? Can they scale up or down based on my needs?

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