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Digital Marketing
Social Listening, SEO & SEM Development, CRM, CMS, SMMS, Social Media Planning, Community Management, Content Marketing Development, Inbound Marketing, Ads ROI Optimization, Lead Tracking, E-Commerce, Web design (UX & UI), PMS, Channel Manager, Bulk Calls & SMS Platforms.

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Strategic Planning, KPIs Monitoring, Forecasting, Campaign Development Forecasting, Campaign Development & Execution (BTL, ATL, TTL), Branding, Sales, Media Buying, PR, Market Study, Benchmark, Crowd Speaking.

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Audiovisual Production Direction, Story Telling, Food styling, Animations, Graphic Design, Photography.

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Project Management, Budget Planning, recruitment and training, purchasing and managing suppliers, big data analysis, Microsoft Office, GSuite, Dashboard Analytics, HR Platforms.

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Autodidact, Creative, Proactive, Leader, Extrovert, Organized, Persistent, Strategic, Loyal.

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Iron Man Certified Coach
PADI Certified Open Water Diver

Stray Dog Shelter Volunteer & Rescuer 

Mentor & Representative for entrepreneurial virtual incubator

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